RCHE Presents: Hearts Full of Qur’an 2016

Flyer 2016For the first time, RCHE is hosting a Ladies’ Nite for home school mothers who need to get away from home for a bit.  But of course it’s not all about food and socialization, it’s also about learning something and benefiting from the gathering.  There are some surprises too to make it fun and not just serious talks…well, of course, it’s RCHE–there’s gotta be some fun!  The registration is now closed, but if you really want to join the fun…then let’s go to the Contact Us and maybe we’ll squeeze you in.  Hey, you never know… ; D

” Sr Fatima Ibrahim, Hafidzat ul Qur’an since 2013, says…

  • Ask Allah’s help and recognize you cannot do it without Him, but with His help you can definitely do it.
  • Don’t move on until you memorized the first part really well . If you perfect one ayah then move on and so on and so forth don’t try memorizing a whole page all together.
  • Recite Quran first thing in the morning before technology and anything else, during this time the brain is fresh and empty it is a lot easier to focus.
  • Repeat and practice continuously, a lot of people complain they memorize and forget but ALL of us do. The only difference between those who forget and remember is the fact that they constantly revise and recite. If you only recite once a week you are more likely to forget than if you recite every single day.
  • If you memorize a new page (or half page whatever portion) review that for at least 3 or 4 days. You can move on and memorize something new everyday but make sure to go back to your previous 3-4 portions and repeat is so that it will stick better rather than memorizing it one day and then putting it away.”



2 thoughts on “RCHE Presents: Hearts Full of Qur’an 2016

  1. I attended the workshop and mashaAllah I have to say it was amazing. Barakah laahu feekunna Hafizah and her crew for a beautiful night. It was very well thought out and executed mashaAllah. The ambiance and the company was wonderful. The speakers gave a lot of beneficial information not to mention tips. We had delicious food and wonderful parting gifts. I could go on and on……. 😀 It was wonderful. I hope to attend many more in sha Allah.

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